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Pro-Life VS Pro-Choice

Listen to "Pro-Life VS Pro-Choice | Hollie George | S2 E12" by Be You Be Love. ⚓ New episode with Hollie George​ This one is pretty intense! Raw audio, no editing done, just our live conversation.


☀️ In today's episode, Hollie George joins me to discuss the challenging debate between pro-life and pro-choice. Hollie is extremely vulnerable as she shares her story with us. She talks about the abortion she had, what her experience was, and if she would do anything different. Join us with an open mind and open heart. I hope that from this episode we are all able to learn from each other and find a way to love each other, despite our differences.

Please take a moment to leave us a comment or question and you could be featured in an up-and-coming episode. 👉🏼If you would like to hear something specific on this show, connect with me on IG and send me a message with your questions. Links to the information mentioned in today’s episode are listed below.

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