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Cash for Likes!

How to earn cash by simply liking this post.

Capturing Attention in Social Media

Don't you love seeing a post promising something too good to be true? Then, when you click on it, all it is is a blog post talking about something completely different... me too. This is called "clickbait," it's one of many different ways content creators use to capture their audience's attention. According to O'Neill (2019) social media posts that include a picture or video receive more overall engagement than those that post only text. When the content creator can also add in a promise like "cash for likes," "how to...," and "10 tools for..." people are more likely to click on their post. Sometimes simply out of sheer curiosity.

Maintaining Engagement in Social Media

Getting people to click on your post isn't always the hard part. The more complicated part is maintaining engagement with the audience. Often a person will click on a social media post and be bombarded with ads. When this happens, a person who could have been an audience member is lost and will close the tab. Then there are the posts that aren't filled with ads, however, they also aren't very interesting. Maybe the information that is being presented is helpful, but the delivery is dull or disorganized. As a way of retaining the audience's attention, people have started using narrative templates (Carr, 2009). Narrative templates are essentially a recipe for how news and other stories are written and shared to keep the reader's attention (Carr, 2009).

So what's the takeaway?

The social media market is completely saturated. If you want your voice to stand out from the crowd, your social media posts must be attention-grabbing and encourage engagement. If you found this helpful, please give it a like...



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